The Begonia foundation was established in 1993. The mission of the foundation is not only to serve Taiwanese society but also provide chances for cultural exchanges between Taiwan and China such unstable circumstances.

    In recent years, the numbers of the nonprofit organizations (NPO) have grown rapidly since 1987. We believe that an organization has to unify resources as necessary knowledge and skill, moreover, management knowledge is must-have factor for operation of an organization. As mention above, Begonia Foundation gradually develops her own management knowledge and skill and helps many other NPOs to unify and utilize resources in order to complete their missions.

    Therefore, personnel training and organizational development of NPOs are the major missions of Begonia foundation. For personnel training, Begonia foundation holds theoretical/practical training programs and workshops applied in profit and nonprofit organizations. More than 5,000 personnel from NPOs and related professions have attended the training programs of Begonia foundation provides professional recommendations in building up systems and developing information tools for effective management.

Major Works

  • Training of Nonprofit Organization Personnel
  • Development of Nonprofit Organization
  • Innovative Plans
  • Exchange of NPOs in China and Taiwan
  • Disaster rescue and reconstruction

Future Perspectives

    The Begonia foundations will not only continue her current works but also devote efforts in development of the third departments theoretically and practically through seminars with international NPOs. The Begonia foundation hopes to make more and more efforts in the profession and expects you to provide your opinions for our future growth.

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